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"One" was conceived and executed with Yoon Chung Han and Erick Oh for the Biologic Gallery at Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans. Mubbasir Kapadia assisted with the programming and provided technical advice.

Since then it has been shown in Hong Kong, Seoul, Edinburgh ( at the Inspace Gallery ) and at the University of Akron, Ohio. It also won the Jury Recommendation at Japan Media Arts Festival 2009, and was a semi finalist in Interaction Design in the 2009 Adobe Design Awards.

We created an interactive installation that presents the audience with a artificial microcosm, using 4 different kinds of input as stimuli: orientation, breath, light, and sound.

Crystal structure rendered from the RCSB protein data bank Illustration from "Kunstformen Der Natur" by Earnst Haeckel

The project was inspired by the art of scientific visualization. This includes modern tools like BLAST and the RCSB protein database, and the work of early naturalists like Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, Robert Hooke and Earnst Haeckel, who studied miniature organisms with simple optical devices. 3D rendering provides us with a sophisticated understanding of biological processes, but also tempts people into believing a metaphor that isn't always true. The boundary between fantasy and scientific investigation is an interesting place to comment on the way technology spawns natural systems.

Above are some sound tests with sprite animations leading up to the final product.

2D/3D animation test - done in maya.

Above is capture of a real time test of some trees and tentacles in Unity Game Engine.

We initially wanted to place "One" in water, but we decided against it after a lot of deliberation.