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Durga was my thesis piece for the Master's of Fine Arts degree at the UCLA department of Design Media Arts. This installation retells the story of Durga MahisasuraMardini, a Hindu goddess, as animations projected onto a wooden disk. The disk is a projection surface and interface; the viewer navigates the story by turning the disk. Part of the story is painted on the disk, and the rest is revealed through changing projected images
There are two different versions of the story. If you rotate the wheel counterclockwise the wheel tells the story of Durga and Mahisha fighting one another. If you rotate the wheel clockwise, Durga and Mahisha fall in love instead.

You can read more about this story here: link to illustrated story.

You can download my 30 page thesis about this artwork here.

Thanks to: Dawson Dill - Animation
Brendan Ryan - Technical Consultant
Brandon Chau - Production

Above is a rough draft version with a different composition

Above: some of the plans leading up to the final product

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